The Perils of a Hotel Mini-Fridge

Two Bottles of Frozen Insulin

We took a road-trip North to Great Wolf Lodge (aka, Kid Paradise) yesterday to celebrate the end of the school year. The boys were in charge of packing the cooler at home before we left, and unpacking it into the hotel room’s mini-fridge when we arrived.

What I neglected to do is double-check their work.

What I found when I went to pull out yogurts for breakfast this morning is that my efficiency-minded little boys had packed all the smallest things into the smallest part inside the fridge. We grown-ups know this part as The Freezer.

Another small thing from the cooler? The little container that held the insulin bottles I brought with us for Luke’s site change he’s going to need this morning. *stomach drops*

Yes, my friends, this is what frozen insulin looks like. And consequently, now completely useless insulin. Dead insulin on vacation? Awesome. Let the trouble-shooting begin….

3 thoughts on “The Perils of a Hotel Mini-Fridge

  1. Pamela Smith Lynde

    After insulin has been opened the shelf life is 30 days in or out of the fridge, I haven’t kept opened insulin refrigerated for years, just out of direct sunlight! Hope this helps for next time but for now im sure its off to a pharmacy for you 😦 friges are notorious for freezing up

    1. Angela Major Post author

      Thanks for commenting! I mostly just keep it in the fridge by default–it’s easier to keep track of since I only use it every couple of days. And I always throw it in the cooler on road trips, but I may rethink that now!

  2. seejendance

    Yeah I don’t really keep open insulin in the fridge anymore. It causes air bubbles to form in sites if you just refill straight out of the cold. If I’m going to be somewhere really warm though, I’ll stick it in with an ice pack. These are usually long road trips where I’d be out of my car for an extended period of time and I’d leave insulin there.


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