Four Little Words

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“Mom, I’m so thirsty.”

Uttered by my middle son this evening, these four little words made by blood run cold. Only because, a few minutes earlier he has also said “I feel like I’ve had to go to the bathroom a million times today!”.

Please no please no please NO.

I took a deep breath and tried to stay calm. As I was trying to recall if I’d observed any other symptoms lately, my mind was simultaneously jumping ahead to life-with-diabetes x 3. As I was sitting with him I started to feel more and more stressed, and so suggested that I needed to check his blood sugar NOW.


The mere mention of poking his finger reduced him to fearful tears, and pretty soon he was asking me if he was going to get a pump too. Whoa, bud, let’s not go there yet. Managing his mini-freak-out helped me get over my own anxiety enough to let him go to sleep before I poked him. (Not even a flinch, by the way.)

And that was the longest 5-second meter countdown EVER.



No diabetes tonight.

8 thoughts on “Four Little Words

  1. muminbloom

    Oh you poor girl 😦 I just stumbled across your blog and I can’t wait to read more! I have a friend who’s daughter is diabetic and I’m going to send her to your site. Bless you and your family xx

  2. Scott E

    I’ve seen that behavior with my son too (too young to talk, but some of the concerning symptoms are there). Of the half-dozen or so fingersticks I’ve given him, all have been normal, thankfully. But I know the fear that the possibility could bring, and that “please no please no…” chant as the meter counts down.

    Then again, I’m the one with diabetes and not my kids, so unlike you, I haven’t been through a confirmed diagnosis myself (at an age when I was mature enough to understand it all). Not that it makes it any easier. I can’t imagine what it was like for you the other times.

    Here’s to being thankful for that 107, and to hoping all his future fingersticks are in the same ballpark.

    1. Angela Major Post author

      Thanks Scott! I always tell myself that it’s unlikely that a third child of mine would develop type 1, but in reality, it’s as likely as it was for the second. I try not to dwell on it on a day-to-day basis, but there’s sometimes scary moments!

  3. El

    My soulmate Oz has diabetes. It runs in his family and his 7 year old little brother has it too. I have had to help him out with some really scary highs and lows, so in reading this, my heart was racing. I am glad your son is okay and that you can breathe. Sending happy thoughts your way.

  4. xxlovelylizxx

    I have diabetes and often times people will ask me how likely it will be for my five y/o to have it too. I don’t know but every day I hope/pray/send healthy vibes that she never has to live with this. Not too long ago I was chanting the “please no” ..a finger poke revealed a 108. Relief swam all over me. It’s a scary thing to worry about. Hugs to you.


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